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Mumbai Roti Bank Gets a Taste of Upper Crust

admin - December 18, 2018 - 0 comments

What is it like for a non-profit organisation fighting against hunger to be at Upper Crust, India’s first and finest gourmet exhibition? Exhilarating, to say the least. Huge thanks to Ms. Farzana Contractor, curator of this prestigious show, for giving Mumbai Roti Bank this fantastic opportunity!

In a first, Mumbai Roti Bank made its presence felt at the 16th Upper Crust Food & Wine Show as its sole NGO partner. Held from 7th – 9th December 2018 at World Trade Centre, Mumbai, this being one of Asia’s largest food exhibitions attracted a huge number of visitors. The young, enthusiastic Mumbai Roti Bank team interacted with over 1000 people from different walks of life and spread the message of the NGO. Young and old, couples and singles, grandmas and grandchildren were all keen to support the cause of making meals available to underprivileged people through the distribution of excess food destined to go to waste. Over 550 people pledged to not waste food and to #sharearoti. The little kids even promised to share food with their underprivileged friends rather than wasting it. After signing the pledge, they all proudly sported the Mumbai Roti Bank badge as an expression of their support. It was heartening to have corporates show a genuine willingness to tie-up with the foundation.

During the 3 day exhibition, Mumbai Roti Bank’s mentor, D. Sivanandhan, engaged with the visitors, informing them about his mission to eliminate hunger. His passion was evident in his voice and it was his sincere appeal that everyone would need to pitch in the NGO’s work, as hunger is one of India’s largest social problems. He believes that whether people donate their time, money or food, every gesture matters a lot. Because every earnest act creates ripples and makes a huge difference.

Mumbai Roti Bank is constantly trying to scale up its efforts with the aim to help more and more needy people. We are happy that our participation in Upper Crust has grown our family of champions who will further spread the word and help us achieve our ‘1 Million Meals Mission’ in the coming year.

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